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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Eyes Have It

 So, yesterday was a bit different, all around.  The day started off with bright sunshine, temps were moderate.  I had my eye exam.  Had my eyes dilated.  My ophthalmologist gave me a pair of those very unstylish sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glaring sun.  By the time I got to work, however, the skies had grown overcast.  I discovered I was scheduled for a lunch break and hadn't brought a lunch.  Then the weather turned sour, with heavy sleet and rain.  I scavenged my lunch, ending up with a Styrofoam cup of Ramen noodles and strawberry Pop Tarts. Tastee!

In the end, all I really got out of yesterday were some really neato shots of the inside of my eyes.  The eye on the left is actually my right eye and the one on the right is my left.  There are some light reflections on the screen and that banding across the bottom was caused by the camera and has nothing to do with the eye,

I am still borderline glaucoma, so I have an appointment for next February when we will do the whole thing again.

And I don't know about you, but I find myself feeling rather gleeful every time I hear the bad news coming from Dominion's lawsuit against Fox.  This doesn't mean I'm not pissed off by the evil that Fox represents, rather I am pleased that this shit, which so many of us have known in our hearts for so long, is finally being made public.  The fact that Fox sent copies of Biden's campaign commercials to Jared Kushner for analysis before airing them is treasonous, but then that's true for the entire conservative movement.  Why do conservatives feel the need to cheat?  No doubt it's because they're a minority group who can't win an election without deceit.  

As for old man Murdoch?  I'll bet that asswipe is shittin' bricks.  He pulled this same crap in the UK, funding conservatives who chose to listen to him in an attempt to control parliament.  There, too, it was one of his newspapers that brought him down.  Crushed him.  He got hit in the face with a cream pie and suffered public humiliation.  I don't doubt he has a little itch in his brain sayin' "been there, done that, doin' it again."  I, for one, find this simply satisfying as hell.


  1. Oh.
    Next February? As for your yearly eye exam? IDK but when you say 'borderline glaucoma' I get nervous.
    And the Dominion lawsuit is the gift that keeps giving. So much shit has come out I cannot keep track of the shenanigans. Even Murdoch had to testify under oath. Love that for them.
    You know the rubes will keep lapping up whatever Fox puts out and will deny any wrongdoing. Still...


    1. Borderline = pressure in left eye is 23, in right eye 22. 23 is early stage glaucoma, however that pressure has not change in 5 years. If it goes to 24, or the right eye goes to 23, I start using eye drops. That's it. Nothing to worry about.

      And yes, the Republicans will gladly chow down on anything and everything that feeds their hatred.

  2. We now know for a fc art what we've said all along: Fox "News" is a rightwingnut propaganda machine.

    1. Rupert has always wanted to tell people what to do.