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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Barnes & Noble, finally

So, yesterday the store manager called and politely asked if I'd come in early.  I, just as politely, said yes since it meant I'd get to leave earlier.  However, I didn't get in my speed walk on the treadmill.  Rats.  Because my shift for today is scheduled to start at 10:30, I'll need to type this fast to try and get a couple miles in.  We'll see how fast that happens.

And work was busy in the morning.  I have more than enough measures for the week, and my sales are fine, too.

I did finally get an email yesterday from Barnes & Noble that my account has been approved and is ready to publish.  They seemed slow out of the starting gate right from the beginning.  The first problem was that they didn't accept digitally signed W9s and there was nothing in their instructions that noted this.  The sentence regarding signatures just said that my W9 needed to be signed.  It took almost a month of arguing emails between the two of us before someone told me that.  Interestingly enough, they now accept digital signatures.  And then the approval process to activate my account took forever, literally months.  Son of a bitch!

For those wondering, my daffodils are just about ready to burst into bloom.

Whether it was because I was too busy to pay attention or not, yesterday seemed to be politically on the quiet side.  The same conservative buffoons and blowhards were spouting out the same drivel.  People are still chattering about Dominion's release of the Fox emails.  That's one story that's going to have legs.  

The silence surround Mark Meadows is leading some to believe he's cooperating with the DOJ.  That wouldn't surprise me.  Like many Republicans, his loyalty has always been decided upon what's best for his ass and he's not about to let that ass fry.

And finally, if you think Republicans have decided to target Pete Buttigieg you're right.  He's far more intelligent than most of them and puts them in their place as frequently as possible.  They do see him as a serious threat.  His response so far seems to imply that he enjoys attacking their charges no matter how simplistic they may be.


  1. If Republicans should be afraid of any Democrats should be Pete. We need more than just him we need like 60 of him in the Democratic Party.

    We have bulbs coming up all over the yard but the ones that are in bloom already or the winter lawn crocus. They seem to have littered and exploded all over the lawn .. pretty

    1. I never did the crocus thing, but the bright yellow of daffodils is always welcome.

  2. I have been thinking that your climate is pretty much on par with ours over here, but gosh those daffs are way ahead of mine!

    1. They're close to the house so that might be giving them a bit of a boost.