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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Grazing towards the Truth

 Oh My Gosh!  it's Sunday.  At the store, today is also known as Lasagna day in honor of our Success Sharing celebration.  I love lasagna, a meal with killer levels of carbs and fat.  Will I graze?  Or will my strong willed constitution prevail. preventing me from eating more than a small square?  That's not a very fair question.  I'm sure grazing will be the word of the day.

I will be calling the Vet tomorrow morning to let her know that there has been a big improvement in Biggie.  It's been about 2 weeks since he started taking the gabapentin and the effects are now fairly obvious.  I work with a woman who takes it for neuropathy and she's told me the only problem with the med is if the dosage gets changed, you have to wait so long before you notice any change.

And I've made my YouTube channel public so people can view my videos.  Here's the first one I uploaded as an experiment: the fish tank before cleaning.  I did it with the GoPro so it may look a little odd.

And, of course, Biden gave a speech from Poland yesterday.  Adam Kinzinger called it one of the best speeches ever.   I guess it flustered some people because Biden said something like "for God's sake, this man cannot remain in power."  Isn't that what everybody's thinking?  Of course, the administration put out a release saying he wasn't speaking of regime change, but isn't that what people are hoping for?  That the oligarchs find Putin is costing them too much money to stay in power.  He doesn't need to be killed, just moved to a Dachau where he can be kept away from the public for the rest of his life.

One thing Biden's speech did which I'm sure is giving the Cracker Jack Crazies a moment of respite.  Qanon Ginni is no longer the main topic of conversation.  I hope they realize this is not over for her... or them.

Finally, I saw this on Twitter and simply had to repost.  Things to remember:  Putin is Evil.  So is Murdoch; he's always wanted to rule a country and came close with Trump.  Sadly, his evil puppets are still on TV.



  1. I agree with Joe: Putin cannot stay in power so his people need to take him out.

  2. Good luck with the "no grazing"! I never used to graze either - until they put the "grazing table" outside my office!

    1. I actually did fairly well a 'no grazing,' since we were busy most of the day.