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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Giving Them What They Want

 Well, we have drizzle and flurries outside and the temps are sitting at a robust 38 (F).  The new window A/C unit I purchased arrived yesterday and is sitting down on the living room floor.  The idea has crossed my mind that I'll no longer need the ceiling fan in that room, so I might take it down and put in a normal ceiling light.  

I'm debating as to whether I should bake a loaf of bread or zip to the store and buy.  There are several other things I need, so the latter might win out.  Of course, none of those other things are essential.  I seem to be going to my local, neighborhood Giant supermarket rather frequently and that's a habit I don't want to get into.  Perhaps if it were an actual market and not a supersized grocery store.

Should a start watching Valhalla on Netflix?  It's Vikings!  We were never taught in school that this group of people had such a profound effect upon Europe.  They were not some ragtag group of raiders raping and pillaging.  

So, we've banned Russian oil and gas.  From what I've been reading 78% of Americans think this is a good thing.  I have no problem with it.  Interestingly enough, one of the groups chirping for this the loudest were Republicans.  Not all of them, mind you, since there are the Putinists, like Steve Bannon, and Donald (the Orange Anus) Trump.  The Putinists desperately want an authoritarian government in the country, one that puts them in charge.  Well, that'll never happen.

Billy Barr keeps dropping redundant tidbits from his book like "Trump had a weak grasp on reality."  Is that an unsavory morsel, or what?  Hell, he needs to tell the non-MAGA crowd something they don't already know if they want him to buy his book.  I find it very telling that this nincompoop went to far as to say that even thought DOA Trump was unhinged, he would still vote for him.  Well, that reassuring to the MAGA crowd, isn't it?  They don't care how big of a nutcase DOA Trump is, he's the only one who's going to give them what they want.


  1. The supermarket talk had me thinking of my mother. She laughed that now that I'm here during the week, all of a sudden Traders Joe's has come to Harrisburg. A coincidence?

    That's the part I don't get. They know he's unhinged, a crook and crazy, yet they will still vote for him if he ran. How sad for the pea brains.

    1. I didn't know Trader Joe's was open yet, its going to be packed when it does.

      The world is changing and people will desperately try and cling to the past, even if it's offered by a madman.

  2. Billy Barr can fuck off. In his book he trashes Thing 45 and says he was responsible for the Capitol attack, and then says he's vote for him in 2024.
    Fuck all the way off.

    1. Yeah, that bit about voting for a many way is really weird

  3. Fuck Barr. He was an enabler of the Orange One and I can't take anything he says seriously.
    Putinists are gonna Putin. And I don't care if gas gets high. It's the gas companies, not Uncle Joe who's doing this. I got in an argument with someone about it. People have NO IDEA how some things work!


    1. You're so right on people not knowing. There are many who think trickle down economics works because... well, it simply makes sense to them.