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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Just a Blip

 Well, it's the weekend.  I'm scheduled to go back to work today... for just one day, being off again tomorrow.  The temptation is so great to pick up my phone and place that little phone call letting them know I won't be coming in.  That would give me 8 days off.  Wow!  Of course, when I look at the little I managed to accomplish during the past 6 days... ouchy, ouchy, ouchy.  True, my back has been acting up, but there are things I should have been doing to help strengthen my core and didn't.  I will probably wait to stop working completely until???  Part-time is fine, unless I want to turn into a complete slouch.

And what about the news for Only Fans?  Some of you might know what that website is, others, I do suspect, may know about it intimately.  Only Fans has come to represent porn by the common man, for the common man... or woman.  There are a lot of other content providers on Only Fans besides those who focus on porn, but the ones who are complaining are the sex workers.  For the most part, their content was simple porn... however, there are always bad apples who ruin things.  You see the BBC did an investigative report (heavily dramatic music) and discovered some of the content providers has used fake ID's to get certified... yep, they were underage.  Not good.  And other things cropped up in that report, like bestiality, and incest, and  evidently when some of the content providers offered personalized videos for a fee, they meant very up close and very intimately personalized.  So the porn is leaving Only Fans.  Their excuse is that credit card processors are tightening their grip.  My feeling is that management is far more concerned about the legal ramifications regarding underage porn, and puppy porn, and... well, you know what I mean.  Ah, but don't worry your little heads, there are many, many other platforms out there doing exactly what Only Fans did so well, so this shocking turn of events is nothing more than a blip on porn's radar screen.

And finally, even though southern, cracker jack crazy Republican states are pushing the monoclonal treatment, there aren't a lot of takers.  That's right.  If these anti-vaxxers aren't going to get themselves vaccinated, they sure as hell aren't going to go for an hour long transfusion.   At least these fools can pronounce the word vaccine, monoclonal is way too formal for them, and, of course, it does have the word clone imbedded among the sylables.


  1. If you wanna take medical advice from a GOP politician, and not from doctors and scientists, then you deserve what you get and I don't feel sorry for you.

  2. Americans are being held hostage in Afghanistan — spend your energy thinking of them.