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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Stretch this way

So, I got up this morning to discover an escort service had left a comment on my blog, you know what I'm talking about, call girls.  From India, of all places, with about 10 links to different websites.  Don't look for it, I deleted it... permanently.  What's funny is that we all know there are dumb shits out there who would click on those links...  These are the same dumb shits who 'like' things on Facebook without knowing, or caring, that those 'likes' are sent to everyone of their 'friends.'  This means that if my friend Brandon 'likes' stretchy jockey shorts that wick away perspiration (he does), everyone is going to know that, because if Brandon 'likes' them, you should 'like' them too.

They're only talking about the underwear

Anyway, I paid my taxes yesterday... that was fun... well, maybe not.  I don't rally mind paying them, they're not that high because East Pennsboro has a lot of large businesses which supplement our tax base.  I keep telling people to move here.  My suburb has the lowest taxes, the lowest crime rate, and one of the best school districts in the area.  For years no one listened.  Now, new housing is Expensive, because people want to move here... except there's only so much land in the district.
The Idiot Jerk in the White House dropped his phony budget yesterday.  No one is taking it seriously. Domestic spending is cut in order to provide money for his racist WALL.
And I saw that Jeanine Pirro shit in her pants with her Anti-Muslim rant.  One can only wonder if she wears the 'stretchy' underwear.  She got a 'rebuke' from Faux News.  I don't think Jeanine understands that Evangelical Christians really don't like Catholics... at all.  They see them as phony Christians and if they ever do take control of the country she will be persecuted beyond belief.
More Tucker Carlson audio recordings have emerged...  Not good.  His problem is that he settled for Tommy John underwear, they only stretch one way and have a serious problem of climbing up your ass... well, his ass at least.
Finally, I do like Nancy's comments on the possible impeachment of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  She has a really good point.  While impeaching him would create much needed relief, weaponizing him against the Republican Party would do so much more.  I'll be honest here, they create a lot of perspiration in my 'nether' regions and right now I'm looking for something stretchy, which will fit my needs, and will wick that sweat away.


  1. I love the Judge Jeanine smackdown as much as I'm loving the advertisers fleeing Fucker Carlson.
    I'm with Nancy; unless and until the GOP gets on board to oust _____, it's not a good thing.
    And that wall? How is it that NOW he needs $8 billion when a few months back he only wanted $5 billion and took less than $2 billion?
    Math is hard for an illiterate fuckmonkey.

    1. Carlson deserves everything he gets, as does putzy Pirro

  2. I too liked nancy's take on impeachment. without rethug backing, it will explode.

    1. It's better when she pulls the scab off bit by bit.

  3. Judge Jeanine looks and sounds like a boozy divorcée at four in the afternoon after three hours in a cocktail lounge. Shrill and out of control. She also has picas with he Miami Madam, btw.
    Cheeto and his budget. Ugh. And Nancy is walking him again. She’s givin a master class in politics, btw.


  4. I noticed that we all get those messages around the same time. Those bitches left me that same link crap on 6 conservative posts. All deleted.