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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Today is the first day of Spring!  Right now, the Temp outside is 29 (F).  That's a chilly -1.6 (C)  Of course, let's be honest, 29 (F) is still a bit too cool to be running around in a T-Shirt and shorts.
I got a really good cardio in yesterday.

You might have to touch it with your mouse to make it grow
Having some free time yesterday, I did a little digging into the declining approval ratings of the Idiot Jerk in the White House - I was spurred on by his claim that he was at 52%...   Sean Hannity must be feeding him numbers again from the bullshit grading scale.
Gallup has him sitting at a solid 39%.  That's not as low as he's been, that was an approval rating of 37%.  Yet he says his approval ratings are high... I mean, can we talk about fake numbers here?  The funny thing is that back in January even Faux News was ringing the alarm bell.  Of course, in his world of superfluous bullshit those numbers can't be right.  In his mind, people love him.  Keep in mind, he is mentally ill.  He has some sort of narcissistic specialty disease which cause him to constantly lie about how important he is even in the face of the truth,
An interesting statistic these polls point out, even the one from Faux News, is that his base is eroding.  His approval rating from Evangelical Christians has dropped from 78% to 69%, and they are the highest group of religious supporters.  Only 30% of Catholics approve.  This might be one of the reasons he went to church this past weekend.  However, I suspect sitting in a pew and being scolded by a minister on 'hate speech' must have burned his ass.  He no doubt thought his ears were going to ring with praise.  Oh, dear me, was he disappointed.
As for me, I have to go to work today.  Five days in a row.  Shit.  And then I have Jury Duty for at least one day. 
Oh, and I saw where USC is not letting those students who bribed their way in register for classes.  Boy, that must really piss off the Loughlin clan.  They didn't spend half a million in bribes to be treated like everybody else.


  1. the loughlins - bwhahahahahahaha! future porn stars!

    1. Well, if not that, we're always looking for cashiers.

  2. Cheeto is delusional. There’s no question about it. Kellyanne’s husband has been calling it for awhile now...


    1. He sure knows where to put in the pins, doesn't he?