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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Mechanics of furniture and politics

So, I ordered another pair of the Baleaf running shorts, even though I don't run.. much, but rather use them on the elliptical and at the gym for strength training; they're red, one of my favorite colors.
Only one of the 3 Caballeros was at PF this AM and he was meticulous about detailing exercise he did; I don't have the patience to do that, besides I remember my routines.  Sometimes I have to switch things around because someone else is using the equipment.
For those who missed it, like me, there was an eclipse yesterday.  I've started prepping the living room for new furniture (that's right, I've bought new furniture) and I saw my neighbor Anthony and his girlfriend out front with their glasses.  I thought it was still a little too bright out and so decided to wait...  except it didn't get any darker.  Evidently there's going to be another total eclipse in 2024 that's going to track south to north through the heartland... maybe I'll hit that one.
Evidently the Idiot Jerk told the nation that we, as a whole, were going to be staying in Afghanistan longer than he would like (broken campaign promise, there) but didn't detail and increase in troops.  I guess he thinks that what we don't know can't hurt us... much.  This means he's listening to the same voices who told 'W' that the 2nd Iraq war would be over in a few months.  Remember that?  It's going to be over soon - well, that was pure bullshit.  But then Republicans have always been delusional about how savvy they were with the military.  They do the same thing with the economy, totally forgetting that every time one of their morons leaves the White House the economy is either in a major recession or depression.  I 'W' had a doozy, didn't he?  Stupid they are.
As for the furniture, I went with Nuvo - the Celena Collection - fabric not leather.  I have a leather Morris Chair which I love, but that's about as far as I want to go.  Sweaty skin sticks to leather - hate that, and the sound it makes when you stand up as you peal away your skin.  This is what the sofa looks like, kind of...  the arms are square.

My sofa is going to be burgundy

The chair is Camel.  Shockingly enough, they're power recliners as well as being a sofa and a chair.  I'd always swore that I'd never buy a recliner since you need to have them sitting back from the wall, however these hug the wall.  Don't ask me how they work, I'm not mechanically inclined.

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