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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Enunciate this

Well, it's Thursday.  Today is my 2nd day of 8 days in a row.  Yippy Skippy.
Evidently the Idiot Jerk in the White House gave another speech yesterday... and people are saying it was quite different from his rally speech on Tuesday; am I the only one who wonders that perhaps he might be Bipolar?  That's kind of putting it mildly of course, isn't it?  I mean, doesn't Bipolar sound a lot like a DQ sundae?  "I'll take a Hot Fudge Bipolar with nuts and whip creme... skip the cherry."  The sad truth is that if, perhaps, he is Bipolar, you can bet that's just a small sample of all of his mental illnesses.  Some say he should be tested for dementia... personally, I think they ought to check his system for drugs.  Wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's popping pills regularly:  to stay awake, to go to sleep, to watch Fox News without vomiting.  In fact, I'd almost put money on it that he's been self-diagnosing for years, and I'm sure that if he answered privately about his meds he'd say "I take 2 pinks, 3 blues, a yellow capsule, a green capsule, and 8 little purple ones for the indigestion I get from eating meatloaf."
Yesterday was also an interesting day at work.  The Paint Department got a new product and they called me over to show it to me.

Of course they were having a big hoot over this new caulk, but then their pronunciation was a little bit different, sounding a lot like 'ock' rather than 'aulk.'  Isn't it amazing what a simple vowel can do?

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