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Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Ending of Days

So, yesterday I had an older customer come in and purchase carpet.  He and his wife had been in earlier to set up the measure, at that time, while they were sitting there, he told me that he had stopped smoking 2 years ago and wished he'd done so much earlier.  He'd waited to do so until he'd been diagnosed with emphysema before quitting.  Yesterday, after paying for his carpet, he asked when he could expect it to be installed and I told him about 2 - 3 weeks.  He's hoping to have it installed before he has to go into the hospital for a 'procedure.'  A recent X-ray had shown him to have 3 spots on his lung, one of which was 8 centimeters wide.  That's big.  I know what they're doing, he and his wife, they're preparing for the end, making sure that the house is updated while he's still alive so she won't have to deal with those issues after he's gone.
There are a lot of people down in Texas who are also going through their ending of days:  some will not survey this hurricane, some will lose everything by having their lives swept away, jobs will be lost, homes destroyed.  Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council is on the record as saying he believes that God has power over the elements and uses them for his own purpose, like chastisement, and punishment.  Tony Perkins is an asshole.  I mean, what has Texas done, besides keep their white racists in power and sponsoring hateful acts of legislation, that would require the punishment of its entire population?  Humans are humans.  Some are dumb shits like Tony Perkins and others are Idiot Jerks like the one who corrupting the White House.  You don't punish everybody for losers like these.  Of course, the Idiot Jerk does have a lot of support down in Texas, which means... maybe.... nah, I can't believe that any decent divinity would punish so many innocents just to give a little devise retribution on the guilty.

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