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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ben Carson: Phony life = political suicide

I have to admit to feeling more then a little amused as I watch Dr. Ben Carson's personal world implode in slow motion while he simultaneously commits political suicide.  Oh, sure, he's blaming the liberal media.  Honestly, all of his problems can be traced to one guilty party, and it's not the media, liberal or otherwise.  The only one to blame is Dr. Ben Carson.  You see, he wanted to be special, and not just in your ordinary special way.  He wanted to be be more then just liked, and loved, and admired as a brilliant neurosurgeon.  No, Ben wanted to be adored.  So much so, that back when he started writing about his life's history, he began altering facts, padding them, even simply just creating them in order to wow the bejesus out of adoring fans.  Now they believe he is blessed.  They believe he has been Chosen.  And really, all he did was lie.

Oh, and he seems to be rather stupid, too.  I mean, he's old enough and been around long enough to know that any fool who wants to be president is going to be put under a microscope.  Every word, every syllable, even every glance he's made is going to scrutinized.  And all of sudden, this supposedly brilliant man is coming across as a phony.  Everything thing he's done has had one goal, to enhance his public image.  And it's not as those these investigations are difficult and complex, they're actually nothing more then people being asked "do you remember this?"  No one is digging deep into shit to turn over a rock in order to find something really stinky.  They're just asking that one question, and evidently it's that one question Ben Carson never thought people would ask.  Except for the Krazy Kristians who will vote for him simply because he claims to be one of their own. his political career is over.  And it is funny, watching him squirm as he gets shoved out into the holy light of honesty.  What a phony.


  1. A brain surgeon without a brain.

  2. I am constantly amazed that politicos (and others!) tell whoppers that are so easily shown to be false. Like they never realized that West Point, to take one pertinent example, would have records.