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Friday, April 26, 2019

No Deal

Okay, so it's Friday and I get to go back to work.  This is why I have a calendar on my refrigerator, and buy my desk, and on my phone.  In the retail word, the names of days have very little value.  Now I get to work for 5 days.  My next weekend is what you call Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  I call them my next 2 days off.
Yesterday was another day filled with accomplishment.  I always like it when I get shit done, when I use my time constructively.  This doesn't mean I don't enjoy being a slug every now and then, just that I like to keep those days as few and far between each other as possible.
World Cup Cycle and Ski and a bike sale / swap every spring.  I took over my Kinetic Rock and Roll smart trainer yesterday.  When I told them I thought $300 was a good price, I got one of those looks:  "There are smart trainers out there for around that price."  So I pointed out that it was a... smart trainer.  Buying it was a mistake.  It was advertised as working with either Apple or Android products... well, it turns out it's best connectivity is with Ipads and Iphones.  I'm not an Applehead and am not about to become one now.
Remember when the Idiot Jerk took credit for getting Otto Warmbier back?  Like everything else this moral degenerate does, he was just spitting out bullshit.  It turns out that before the North Koreans would release his comatose body, the Idiot Jerk authorized a payment of $2 million to pay for his medical expenses.  That's right.  We paid the North Koreans $2 million dollars.  I guess this is what you call the "Art of the Deal."
After finishing "The Body on the Lawn," my next planned project was supposed to be something called "The Body on the Beach."  It has a nice ring to it, right?  So, I started putting some notes together.  At first the beach was up in Maine... too cold.  Northern California would be better, yes?  Well, no, that didn't work either.  I've been there.  The coastline is beautiful, but nothing clicked.  Since "The Body in the Tower" is pretty much wrapped up, I thought "now, maybe... the Body on the Beach."  However, two days ago, while I was doing my cardio, something else just sort of popped into my head.  This is how it usually works.  You don't get to pick and choose.  And because I like to give out little hints and teases, I can tell you this little guy gets involved.

Now, ain't he cute?


  1. cute and deadly! the body in the desert!

  2. Wait. NK arrests and jails an American,who becomes so sick in custody that upon release he dies, and we're going to pay NK for it?

    FUCK _____.

    1. And yet you know know nothing should surprise us with this administration.

  3. I read about that disgraceful payment for "medical" care. Sickening. I'm convinced that there's nothing, literally nothing, that Dump could do at this point to lose his core supporters. Nothing is too evil and vile for them.

  4. Dave, we all love being slugs ^_^
    And Cheeto paying North Korea millions for basically killing an American citizen? Not surprising to us. But wait, if Obama would have tried anything like this? Fox News and the Regs would have had a COW.
    Hypocritical MoFos. I hate them.


    1. Yeah, I'll admit I can slug it out with the best.