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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ghosts of Notre Dame

It's Tuesday, they're coming to do some work on my gas meter this morning.  Supposedly it's only going to take them about 2 hours... I hope it takes them much less.  There are things to do today.
Bernie released his taxes... he's part of the 1% group.  Most of his money comes from a book he wrote... don't ask me the title, not a Bernie fan.  Evidently he sold around 273,000 copies.  That means he was making over $4 a book - a lot more than I get.  This means I will probably never be part of the 1%.  Of course, for me writing is a lot of fun.  While I do deal in mystery and suspense, my writing also has a lot of humor.  Sometimes I will write something and have to pause because I'm laughing.
And Notre Dame burned yesterday.  My sister called me at work to let me know, of course I had already been watching the clips on my phone.  I've been there.  I have pictures.  While I can take pictures like this:

I also take pictures like this:

The above shot is the better of the two, I think.  Sometimes, I will get artsy and take pictures like this:

I call this Ghosts of Notre Dame.  At first, it looks like a blurry picture of people walking... until your eye focuses in on the couple in the center.  Suddenly they become the focal point:

And your mind starts to wonder... just what was going on?
If you're wondering what my most favorite picture of Paris is, it's the one below.  I flew to Paris for my birthday.  On that cool morning in November, I walked to the Eiffel Tower.  This was my first view of it up close.... and I was amazed.

How was I to know that years later it would be one of the settings for The Body in the Tower?


  1. Paris is one of my favorite places on earth. I am grateful I got to see Notre Dame.

    1. It's going to be rebuilt, though I suspect with less religious significance.

  2. Love the blurry pic! You do have an eye, huh?
    Also, the one of the Eiffel Tower is beautiful! Fantastic bday present.
    And I read Bernie released partial tax info. If I remember well, there were whispers of shenanigans. But who cares. He's 1% all right.


    1. Not a big Bernie fan, give me Pete or Joe.

      I got to the tower early... and there was no line!!

  3. Notre Dame is my favourite spot in Paris. But I read that the major stone structural parts are intact (the gargoyles are my favourite). It is the wooden structures that went up. Still, very sad isn't it.

    1. Mostly it was just the roof, some stuff on the floor. Looking in through the front you can see that rows of wooden chairs are untouched.