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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Subway goes stale

I saw this article this morning on the MSNBC website and thought this is bogus reporting; how some business are already planning on cutting back on employee hours to avoid having to provide them with medical coverage.  This guy, Loren Goodridge, seems to be a real jerk.  Reading that one of his associates is having a difficult time getting by, even with the overtime, I couldn't help but wonder if Goodridge is breaking any laws.  If the associate is getting over 40 hours per week he needs to be classified as a full time associate, not a part time associate.  Of course I suspect Goodridge doesn't do this because he would have to provide benefits to a full time associate.  He owns 21 Subway franchises, meaning he's no slouch, just cheap.

while we treat our associates like crap

 And then there was this comment from a pudding head named Bill Law: St Petersburg’s president, Dr. Bill Law, said providing health care for the 250 adjunct professors would cost more than $777,000 dollars a year. "The cost associated with making a part-timer benefits-eligible really is not available to us as a public college,” said Law.  Supposedly, St Petersburg has 250 adjunct professors, however, for all of them to benefits eligible they would all have to work 30 hours per week.  For those who don't want to do the math, that's 7,770 payroll hours per week, and say they all get paid an average of $10 per hour, that would mean a payroll expense, just for the adjunct professors alone, of $77,700 dollars - per week.  Pretty hefty for a 'public college.'  I would say it's pretty apparent Dr. Bill Law is full of shit because, I suspect, most of those adjunct professors don't work a full 30 hours a week.  Of course, if you're anti Obamacare veracity is never going to part of the equation.

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