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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NBC Sports and the Tour de France

This is a bad year for the Tour de France on NBC Sports, not because NBC is doing anything wrong, well maybe a couple little things, but because is up against the Olympics.  Other years I could come home from work and watch a couple of hours of racing.  Now, when I come home, I turn on NBC Sports and see they Olympic trials.  The NBC prime time Tour de France broadcast doesn't begin until very, very close to my bed time.  This I can understand.  Now for the bad things.  On Sunday I got to watch the race live, good shit.  All of sudden they began a stupid fluff piece on Cavendish.  I sat stupefied watching his companion (who evidently had complained on Twitter after Mark had been criticized) explain herself.  To be honest, I don't quite remember what she said, I was too stunned to see they had inserted this bull shit into their commentary.  There were complaints that after Mark had crashed he didn't get back onto his bike and ride like the Stage winning sprinter people like to brag about.

After the crash

"He's a human being," she had complained in her Twitter and because of that she'd been brought on National Television.  No, I thought, he's a professional cyclist who's getting paid a lot of money to race his bicycle.  She needs to understand this, instead of acting like a prepubescent girl in junior high.  And, for those of you who think Cavendish is going to really go out and win stages like he did last year?  Forget it.  He was an Olympic medal.  He's going to save himself.  Olympic gold would really make him an expensive package.

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