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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garmin, Garmin, where were you?

In this year's Tour de France, of all the teams present, one seemed to be obviously missing, especially when you recall at last year's tour they were "the" team.  Of course, maybe that's it, I was expecting too much, maybe not a repeat, which would have been nice, but at least a competitive showing.  In case you're wondering this me expressing sore disappoint "my" team's almost invisible presence at the Tour. This isn't to say they weren't there, they were.  Zabriskie had some good moments....  I don't know where Tyler Farrar was, he didn't seem to be in any of the sprints... well that's not completely true, he just doesn't get position well enough to do anything more then put in an appearance.  Maybe he has some sort of psychosis which only makes itself apparent around people named Cavendish, or Sagan, or Goss or Greipel... or maybe he's just too pretty to sprint.

Too pretty to sprint?

Ryder Hesjedal did win the Giro d'Italia and Garmin won the Stage 4 team time trial.  I've read that the team's "ability to work as a unit" paid off in Italy.  So, where was this unit during this years TDF?  Could it be that after winning the Giro they said to themselves, "well, we've won one Grand Tour, now we're set for the year."  People in this country don't watch the Giro, so what ever they had going for them there was lost somewhere over the Mediterranean.

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