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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Legs, the engines of the body.

Legs are the engines of your body, so I’ve been told by Shaun S. a former Wellness Coach. He’s right.  Your legs contain the largest muscle groups of your body and as such burn more calories then other muscle groups and put the ‘C’ in Cardio.  They are also the biggest pain in the ass to work out, which is why so many people ignore them.   You know who I’m talking about, those guys with a 48” chest, 22” guns and abs that run for miles sporting themselves around on a pair of flamingo legs. Your legs do let you know you’ve been ‘working’ your quads after a really good set of dumbbell squats and lunges, and of course later there will be the pain and suffering during your recovery period.  Stairs can be horrendous.  How bad can it get?  I have a friend who always gets quite religious after a leg workout, I know because he always seems to be muttering “oh, Jesus” under his breath.  The only thing that helps is the knowledge that once you get into a routine recovery speeds up a lot.  Instead of suffering through agony you merely pass through discomfort.
For the faint of heart there are alternatives to lunging and squatting, I know, I rarely do either.  This is one method.  I can pop either as little or as much weight I want on this baby.  Three times a week and you’re set.

And this is another way.  I can ride for miles and miles on a pair of these.

As for running?  I don't.  I've met too many people who ran in their twenties and thirties who now, heading into their sixties and seventies, find out they're going to need to replace knees and hips.  

Oh, by the way, the legs at the top?  They're not mine.  Mine are in much better shape.

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