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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Picture This

 Oh, my gosh!  It's Saturday.  I have to work.  Weather wise our temps are predicted to climb into the mid 60s (F), though the wind will be steady at 20 - 25 miles per hour, with the occasional gust.  Spring.  Isn't it nice that it is so easily undefined, a potpourri of weather patterns that shade and shine across our lawns, filtering with colors that both dim and dazzle.

Anyway, yesterday was interesting.  I've begun to play around with the digital camera I bought, a Canon.  It got good reviews, which is nice, and it was fairly inexpensive, which is nicer.  I used to have a Nikon, and the only thing I liked about it was that it was red.  Photo storage was cumbersome, the Bluetooth never stayed connected to my phone, and Nikon wanted you to use their cloud storage called Nikon Spaces.  Most digital cameras have the same set-up, so if you know how to work one you should be able to work another, meaning the Canon is quite similar to the Nikon, but without the crappy Bluetooth, and storage problems.

And, as is my habit, now that The Body in Motion is published, I started actual work on The Body in History.  I think of it as a little tale about identity theft and the intervention of fate.  The plan was always for it to take place in Greece, and now I'm going there.  Will Eli and Max meet a Pythia?  Will they have to deal with the Cult of Phoebus?  You'll find the answers to these, and other questions next April.

One of the settings for The Body in Motion is the Adelphi Theater, which was torn down in 1970 so they could build a Hilton Hotel.  One of the pieces of history that were lost during demotion were the murals painted by Mortimer Lichtenauer.  Among his other works is the ceiling of the Shubert Theater, in NYC.  Here's a photo of one of the murals in the Adelphi Theater.

Of course, I'm looking forward to Monday, as are many people in the country.  Trump in court.  Of course, this will on be for jury selection, and one thing you can count on, the Orange Anus will have his attorney's object to every possible juror.  There is no limit to the number of jurors an attorney can want dismissed, but for dismissal to happen, the attorney needs to have a reason.  Thin lips or narrow eyes doesn't count.  Trump will try and use this as a delaying tactic because he knows he's going to lose.  He also knows that the media will broadcast every filthy detail in All Caps.  This is just another way for him to destroy the Republican party.  More power to him.


  1. I look forward to the criminal being on trial ... AGAIN.
    And he says he's going to testify and since more often than not his attorneys are morons, they may just let him.

    1. Trump testifying would be a gift from the gods.

  2. Too many gales to be working outdoors for me today. But tomorrow I'm planting a new wildflower garden with hundreds of seeds and over 20 variety of wildflowers. It is replacing where I had the leaning Eastern White Pine taken down. It couldn't be saved. Still looks odd not seeing it after all these years.

    1. That's always the problem with trees, they've been there for so long, and then there's nothing but empty space.