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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not bad for an old fart

As with many companies, the mega home improvement retail chain I work for provides health coverage for their full time associates.  And, as lot of other companies do as well, they provide a way in which you can receive credits to reduce your monthly payments.  We need to do a Health Challenge, which is a three part program.  You need to complete a health assessment on the computer, participate in a health screening (where they draw blood), and work your way through a health challenge that isn't too challenging.  I do all three since it's a $600 yearly deduction.
Anyway, you need to 'fast' before the blood draw since they're checking your cholesterol.  Now, I like my coffee in the morning, and while I prefer it with milk, I can drink it black.  On the morning of the draw I had about 4 mugs of black coffee.  The little nurse who did the draw squawked when I told her.  "That's going to raise your blood pressure!"  Right.  My blood pressure was 112/78, which is not bad, and I am not on any meds.  Yesterday I received the results of my blood work in the mail in a snazzy guide.

My blood work came back fine - total cholesterol is 166 which, I suspect, would be lower if I weren't eating a gallon of whole milk ice cream every week.  The cholesterol / HDL ratio is 3.5 which, according to the guide is "highly desirable."  In fact everything was either good, better, or best. and it's all done with out any meds.  Of course I do tend to watch what I eat (except for the ice cream) and exercise on a regular basis.

Some of my numbers

As you might guess, one of my main goals is to live as long as possible without needing to rely on medications.  I hate pills.  And, in case anybody is wondering about my age, I'll be 63 this year.  Not bad for an old fart.


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