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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nothing Stops

Well, I tried to trim my eyebrows yesterday with my Braun shaver (it has a trimmer for sideburns).  Not a good idea.  Half of my right eyebrow is now gone and my left has two ends but no middle.  This means I'll have to be wearing my large frame glasses until they grow back.
Oh, and I do have to work today.  I will admit that the temptation is there to call off, that would give me 10 days off in a row, but I will not give in because... well, there are some things I need to pick up at the store and I don't want to have to run over during 'vacation time.'
What will I do during my vacation - well, most likely nothing too relaxing.  Hopefully by the time I head back to work, the boarder will be removed from the dining room and the ceiling painted.  The boarder is grapes and grapevines, which 18 years ago seemed stunning and now looks dated.  The ceiling?  Well, even though it's rather abstract looking, a long time ago I painted a tree on my dining room ceiling.

Time has not been kind to the 113 year old horsehair plaster.  To patch and repair it would be a monumental task.  There's no way I could match up the colors from so long ago, so I chose a nice buttery color.  The walls are going to be a dark bluish green, and the trim will all be a light tan color.  Hopefully everything will be done by June.
Will I miss my 'tree' ceiling?  Not really.  Change is essential.  Besides, I'm looking forward to something different.  At some point in the future, after the dogs are all gone, I will probably sell and the new owners will do as they want.  Everything is in transition, nothing stops.  The sameness some find essential will flutter away.
Anyway, the Stock Market had a little bit of a bounce back yesterday.  The Idiot Jerk's administration is jettisoning wife beaters, now why isn't that surprising?  Oh, and the Idiot Jerk is not going to declassify the Democratic rebuttal to the Nune's memo.  This man is so damn stupid.  Didn't his attorney's advise him that this is the behavior exhibited by guilty people?  But then this is also a standard pattern for him, trying to turn the tables on the prosecution, make them look like the guilty party.  He will keep doing the same thing, over and over again without ever understanding that in the end he will always fail.  Nothing stops.


  1. "The Idiot Jerk's administration is jettisoning wife beaters" - so why doesn't he off himself outta da whites-only house?

    1. Didn't you see, he's upset because they have to be jettisoned without 'due process,' or at least his definition of 'due process.'