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Friday, February 26, 2016

Rotten Apple

There's a lot of chat going on right now about Apple and whether the tech giant should help the FBI.  I can sort of see their side... but we're talking about terrorists here, and the message Apple is sending out to the world, to all terrorist groups is "you're data is safe with us."  Evidently with Apple's new encryption software the FBI has only 10 attempts to crack the code before the phone goes into permanent lock down.  If I were Tim Cook, I'd have done it on the sly, of course he didn't.  And it isn't just terrorist groups that now know their data is safe, hate groups too can now feel secure that their conversations are protected.  When I read this article my inner voice started chanting "this is not good."  Apple's had hundreds of requests for help and has denied every one.  To put this into some perspective, say you and your husband go out to a movie and stop off for a drink on the way back to your car... and say you are attacked by 4 homophobes with baseball bats and they beat the shit out of you... and the only thing left at the scene of the crime are your broken bodies and a battered Iphone.  Apple is not going to help solve this crime.  Nope, absolutely not.

This is just not the right message to send to the world.  If you're bad and you do bad things, you shouldn't be protected by Apple.

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