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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Update on Little Eddie Snowden

I did sit down and listen to one of the snippets of the Brian Williams interview with Little Eddie Snowden.  Accountability, you know?  Since I've written something about him, I ought at least hear him out... or at least listen to a few minutes of what it is he has to say to see if there is any value.  While I watched the entire clip, it took me only about 20 seconds to realize he really is a pompous, little, twerp.  The way he inflected his voice every time he said "I," told me the interview was more about self-promotion then anything else.  He really does think he is the ultimate hero, the savior of privacy and freedom, and the citizens of the United States need to give him his due thanks.  What makes his position so ludicrous is that he's living in Russia, that paradise of a country where the government is trying to annex the Ukraine.  One can only wonder if Snowden comprehends that the State Security system in Russia makes the NSA look like a quilting party, where bits and pieces of information gleaned from Verizon, et al. are stitched together in an attempt to create a cohesive picture.  I think not.  In fact, I suspect he is too overwhelmed by his righteous indignation to understand anything which falls outside his tiny orbit.

Just call me pompous

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