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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ted Cruz - maybe not the anti-Christ but pretty close

Everybody is talking about the government shut-down.  Wow.  Like the last time this happened was when the Republicans hated Bill Clinton seventeen years ago; now they hate Obama.  If I remember correctly they paid the piper a wee bit the last time they pulled this shenanigan, and, I suspect the same thing will happen again.  Like spoiled children they don't really learn lessons, they just stamp their foot harder and do what they want.  One can only wonder if they thought the American voting public would rush to their side, that those voters would suddenly have an epiphany: the Tea Party is heaven sent.  What a joke.  While the majority of the Tea Party members are having hands-free orgasms, the majority of everybody else is taking a step back and saying "woah, you people are just too extreme."  And, who is championing this ultra conservative fight?  Ted Cruz.
Let me calculate your idiocy

From what I've heard and read about pudding head Ted is that he has evocative dreams about someday becoming president of the United States.  If this is the case, then I suspect no one has ever told him that all presidents, be they Democrat or Republican, stay pretty close to the center.  This is the only way to get enough votes to be elected.  You don't become president by jumping into a hot tub party sponsored by the far right.  People don't like extremes in politics.  Pudding head Ted doesn't seem to understand this.  Maybe he thinks he's appealing to the Common Man, unfortunately he doesn't understand the Common Man.  I suspect this is because he feels he is so superior he can gauge everybody he meets on their level of stupidity.  That's what I sense when ever I see him or hear him or read what he's said.  It's like he has this dumb scale he uses to grade everybody:  the higher the percentage the greater the idiot.  I know the Tea Party pretty much thinks of him as a god, personally, I think he's verging on being the anti-Christ.  Depending on your beliefs he could be either or. 

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