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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Well, not quite.  Oh, I'll go see it, but I'm not one of those individuals who needs to see it opening night, or opening weekend.  I'll wait two or three weeks, by then the crowds will have died down and I will not have to deal with chatty kids who see going to movies as a social event.

Still, millions will go opening weekend simply because they've been trained to believe "they need to see it."  If their friends, or work associates see it first, well, then they will be left out.  The film industry depends upon this, so does the music industry, in fact all of the ephemeral arts need a big opening to make their budget; and they are ephemeral arts.  Three years from now other films will have created just as big a stir and The Avengers, while not forgotten, will have become irrelevant.  Look at Jurassic Park, everybody in the world wanted to see that film and now it's passe.  So, I will wait.  I mean, it's not like they're going to rewrite and recut it in the next two weeks.  It will be the same movie then as it is today.

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