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Friday, January 20, 2012

Smarten your ass up about spokes people!

Okay, so you’ve decided setting up your own diet regime is too difficult (gimme a break) and, (for a price) you’re going to let somebody else tell you what you’re going to eat.  Well, this is what the lazy person does.  And think how ecstatic your roommate, companion, significant other, or spouse is going to be when they discover they’re only going to be cooking for one because you’re opted out for pre-fab food.  Or, if you happen to be the one who cooks, imagine how wonderful you’re going to feel making lasagna

Lasagna again!!

for someone else to eat while you settle yourself down in front of a plate of something that has been bulk produced and fast frozen.  Sounds pretty fricking yummy, doesn’t it?  But, of course, Jenny does have a celebrity spokesperson, doesn’t she (I think Janet is the celebrity of the month, or is she Nutrisystem? It doesn't make a difference because she lost most of her weight prior to becoming a spokesperson).

Holy Shit, these results are not typical!
Someone who has usually lost at least 40 pounds.  Have you ever noticed how these celebrity spokes people never advocate going to the gym?  Don’t you ever wonder how many of these celebrities workout, or have personal trainers who put them through an exercise routine several times a week?  In case you haven’t figured it out, I am very unimpressed with celebrity spokes people.  Some are.  Don’t viewers pay attention to the little blurbs at the bottom of the screen which say ‘these results are not typical,’ or is it that they think of themselves as more then average.  My feeling is that most of these pay for diet plans are designed for lazy ass bozos who delude themselves into thinking weight loss can be accomplished quickly and easily. Duh.

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