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Monday, January 23, 2012

The disgusting truth about FAT

Way back when I was working for xpedx we had Shaun, our Wellness Coach, who tried really, really hard to make associates care about their health.  There were times, however, when when I felt sorry for him, especially when he would try and run a clinic and most of the bozos who showed up were there to get out of work.  Take for example the day he wanted to have a discussion with us about FAT.  There ware at least 12 of us gathered in the training room. looking at this rubberized globule of adipose tissue, also known as FAT.  Try as he did, there was no way any of us were ever going to take that thing seriously.  If he had really wanted to grab our attention and make us think he should have stopped off a the nearest supermarket and purchased a super large container of tapioca pudding and red and yellow food color and combined them.  Then, after giving us his lecture on the evilness of fat, how it gathers around organs, gives you stretch marks, and slowly makes life fricking miserable, he should have dumped the tapioca mess on the table.  That should have been his money shot.

Just picture something as disgusting as this dumped on a desk!

To drive home the point, he should have turned to the porko deluxe sitting beside me and said, “hey porky, every time you jiggle, this is what bounces.”  Of course, he would have gotten complaints about his lack of sensitivity, as well as having to clean up the tapioca mess.  That is one of the growing problems in this country.  

Almost looks like a piece of Kung Pao Chicken

Fatties do not want to be reminded that they are fat.  They prefer people to not mention their fattiness, and if they do, they want to hear “oh, but it looks good on you.”  Me, I’ve been told for years that I am not tactful at all.  I would have dumped that tapioca mess on the table.  I would have said “you made a conscious decision to eat three donuts instead of one, you, alone, are responsible for your total calorie intake and because of that you’re fat.”

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