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Wednesday, June 26, 2024


 Good Morning!  The outside temps are very comfortable 68 (F), though the forecast has them climbing into the mid 90s (F).  there's also the threat of thunderstorms this afternoon, however, since I work, I don't really care.  The rest of the week is supposed to be cooler, low to mid 80s (F).  I can live with that.

The temp for the Central Air is set at 74 (F) and it turns on every now and then, but it doesn't run constantly.  Last week, when it was so warm, it didn't happen, either.  I should probably have a 2nd thermostat installed on the second floor for the summer weather.  

And I got so much accomplished yesterday.  I'm signing up for a zero interest loan to pay for the windows, rather than pull that money out of my savings account.  I did that for the trip to Greece, and then had to fill it back up.  I like having that financial cushion.  I can use my social security checks to pay off this loan in a few months, while still depositing coin of the realm in my account.  Remember, I'm saving up for a puppy!

I went to see Thelma last night.  For those who don't know, Thelma is a movie (based on a person) about a 94 year-old woman who gets scammed out of $10,000.  While that sounds terribly dramatic, it's very funny.  That doesn't mean it isn't touching at times.  Richard Roundtree has a line where he says, "we're older, we're diminished."  Thelma is a comparison between those who accept that, and those who fight against it.

For those who didn't see it, Lauren won her primary from a crowded field.  The most important thing in that statement is that she was part of a Crowded Field. Definition:  all of those other candidates sucked away votes, that kept anyone else from winning.  She switched districts to one that his hardline Republican, so the Democrat whom she is running against is not expected to win in November.  You know, it would be nice if the country didn't have to live with publicly displaying her white trash ways daily.

And Nikki Haley, as expected, got over 30 % of the votes in every state.  This will be a big problem for the Orange Anus in November.  Those Haley voters will just sit this one out.  Believe me, they have no problem doing that.

And, of course, the debate is tomorrow night.  I'll probably get a bottle of wine and watch the last 2 episodes of Shogun.


  1. Lotsa folks endorsed by The Felon also lost their races, like the Death To Gays Pastor here in SC.

    1. They're going to find out that in spite of what they want to believe, crazy is just one more minority party.

  2. Smart decision about the windows. Always good to have that extra cushion...
    And Bobo is a winner among losers. Sad thing is that she may beat that Dem. She changed districts so she could be surrounded by red. Trash. Ans trashier those who elected her.
    Thelma sounds interesting (and sadly, accurate) and I may wait to see if it streams.
    Shogun is very intense. I'm still thinking about that pilot in which they cook someone. Slowly.
    Nimrata is a thorn on the Orange one's side. Good.


    1. Yeah, she changed districts and won, whether she'll take the gold in November's another story.

  3. I don't know Ill watch or not. I already know Im voting for Biden. Actually caught a glimpse Friday of the First Lady in Rehoboth. There hoise was only three blocks from where we stayed.

    My big fish is helping Sara Agerton, beat the cow Sheryl Doizier.

    1. I won't. I'll be running around with McCready killing ghouls and super mutants in Fallout 4.

  4. Oh I like the look of that film!! I'll definitely be on the look-out for it!