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Monday, June 24, 2024


 Monday.  The heat dome is gone... supposedly.  Daily highs are predicted to hover in the mid to upper 80s (F).  I can deal with that.  During last weeks high temps, the window unit in the bedroom seemed to struggle at times.  It is over 4 years old, and honestly, I have no idea how long a window unit is supposed to last.  I also realized I should have a thermostat on the 2nd floor to regulate the Central Air.  my downstairs was comfortable, while the 2nd floor would have gotten stinky winky without the window units.

I worked yesterday.  8 hours.  It was boring.  It was the 4th day without our sales figures being updated, so no one knew how well, or how poorly they were doing.  The store figures updated, but our sales figures didn't.

Because the necessary people weren't working yesterday, I didn't get to tell them that I went with Aspen Home Improvement for my windows.  In some odd way, I'm really looking forward to giving them that news.  It's nice to strike out against corporate greed in the names of all those  Mom & Pop hardware stores that were shuttered into non-existence.

I've hit 2 glitches in my replay of Fallout 4, and so, at least temporarily, I've changed to games to Lords of the Fallen, another RPG.  As a result, I spent an hour last evening learning new controller mechanics.  This is a good thing.  Learning creates new neural pathways.  Never stop learning.  

And I suppose everybody knows Justin Timberlake was arrested for DUI.  The young officer who pulled him over had no idea who he was, so Justin is learning a difficult lesson.  Because Justin refused a breathalyzer test, we'll never have any idea just how drunk he was, that, in itself is a pretty good clue as to how intoxicated he was.  Anyway, I don't know his name, but this is the young officer who became a teacher to Timberlake.

And, supposedly, Kristi Noem hasn't received vetting paperwork for the VP position.  Can you hear me laughing?  This bimbo, who went full Trumper in her attempt to get selected, never had a chance, and it wasn't because she shot her dog.  Look at her.  She never realized that the dyed, long hair that supposed to make her look like she's 21, was all wrong.  She should have gone for the porn star look.

Who will be Trump's VP pick?  Well, he no longer has to appeal to the Evangelicals since so many of them have already sold him their souls.  Rubio might help him rack in the Hispanic vote.  Vance might help him rack in the white, hillbilly trash vote.  And Burgum?  He's quite and unassuming.  Supposedly it's between one of these three, so what you really need to do is ask yourself which one is most like Pence?  Which one will disappear into the woodwork?  has anybody learned their lessons?


  1. And now Noem is saying J6 rioters should NOT be given blanket pardons because some of them are criminals.

  2. OMG I laughed so hard when I heard the policeman who stopped Timberlake did NOT know who he was, because he's TOO YOUNG! LMAOO. Also, dear Justin seems to be on much more than some bourbon. Coke, I'd say. He deserves some bad news. Remember what he did to BritBrit and Janet.

    And Noem is probably pissed off. We knew it was not her. Maybe Nimrata? Cheeto does need to ge that coveted self-hating woman vote and Nimrata may be the right person to draw that.


    1. Like you, I don't really feel bad for Justin, he's a 43 year-old man who's had no accountability for too long. Noem's a hoot! And because she's an ass, she'll probably not get re-elected.

  3. I hear that young officer has been getting shit from quite a few people. Seems the rich and famous should be allowed to drink and drive with impunity. Well done him, but it did tickle me that he was too young to know who JT was. Ouch!

    1. I'd heard that, too, which is a shame since he was doing his job. Quite a few have been making fun of Timberlake's whine about how "this will ruin the world tour." Maybe 25 years ago.