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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Jonathan and David

 Sunday.  Our weather pattern is a repeat of yesterday's, thunderstorms, humidity, and then more thunderstorms.  Late yesterday afternoon the heavens let loose with downpours, while thunder and lightning played together over head.  It happened again just as I was getting ready for bed.  The temps are not that high, but it is super sticky.

And I did work yesterday.  Slow is the word.  I did talk to a couple about having carpeting installed.  I suspect they'll set us a measure online.  I still get some credit, but I won't get the sale.  And, as for sales, mine are good for the week, though I don't have a single measure.  This means my sales will drop off.  That's fine with me.  I am a part-time associate.

Our store manager is leaving.  She's going to be taking over the Lancaster store, a very busy place.  I've worked with her replacement and know him fairly well.  We actually started around the same time, me as a part-time cashier and he as a lumber associate.  I find it interesting that I've worked with so many associates, who keep coming back to the stores I'm working in.

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Here's a pic I took during my yesterday morning walk at Adams-Ricci mostly because that dying tree looks like it came straight from Druidic lore.

Of course, reverberations for the political debate are still rattling the pseudo-foundations of the political world.  It's difficult to tell which is truth and which rumor.  Cheri Jacobus is telling us that CNN agreed to Trump's demand that there be no fact checking during the debate, which is why CNN ran a "fact check" segment 2 hours later.  I think Biden's advisors completely underestimated the spewage Trump could spit out without getting fact checked.  For him, it was just like a rally: lie, after lie, after lie, and there was no stopping him.  Personally, I don't believe the debate is going to change much, if anything, it's possible that more Independent voters are going to sit this one out.

And the whole bit about teachers reading from the Bible is still rockin' and rollin', with soooo many people citing what Evangelicals would have to consider inappropriate passages, like the one from Samuel:

Then Jonathan gave his weapons to his lad and said to him, “Go, bring them to the city.” When the lad was gone, David rose from the south side and fell on his face to the ground, and bowed three times. And they kissed each other and wept together, but David wept the more.  1 Samuel 20:40-41 (NASB)

You know, you just can make this up.


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    1. People will turn them off the same way people turn off Fox, and then they'll have to fight for the ad revenue.

  2. CNN is going the way of Fox News :(

    1. It's not about news, it's about clicks that sell ads.