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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Comparatively Speaking

 Wow! The morning temp is 74 (F), which is rather toasty.  If the forecasters are correct, we're going to crack the triple digits today, with the mercury rising to 100 (F).  Does anyone still know what that means?  Mercury rising?  For those who don't, there was a time when mercury was used in thermometers; all types of thermometers, even the ones you slid under your tongue to take your temperature.  Those days are long gone.  Now they stick something in your ear, or drag it across your forehead.  Science!  Isn't it grand!

The window unit in "the gym" is on low cool, high cool is way too loud.

I had my last window quote yesterday.  It was from the great orange home improvement retailer that I work for, and it was, as all of the other sales agents had said, the lowest that I received.  If I had decided to go cheap, I'd have taken their offer, however, the quote was for Simonton 6500 windows.  Being the curious person I am, I did a lot of comparison shopping, if you want to call it that, and comparatively speaking, Okna windows rate better than Simonton.  I understand that for some, cheap is the only way to go, and sometimes that all you can afford, but I would rather pay a bit more and get a better quality product.  On top of the quality, there is also the fact that Okna windows are made in Bristol, PA, making locally owned.

And this is what the writing room floor looks like, all I need is a couple strong people to move the desk so I can put the area rug beneath it.

Time is running out for the Supreme Court to rule on Trump's immunity.  Will they decide in his favor and give that same immunity to Biden?  Don't bet on it.  Not that they wouldn't love to, however, because he's got Eileen Cannon in his back pocket constantly delaying his treason trial, they'll deny his immunity claims.  Ouch.

And whiny Stevie Bannon appealed to the Supreme Court in order to keep his slimy ass out of prison.  He's another loser who feels he doesn't need to be held accountable for his words and actions.  Unfortunately for Stevie, it's too late for him to crawl back under his rock, and the Supreme Court has been rocked with so many ugly charges, and allegations, and so many of their decisions have been so anti-American and anti-Democracy, they will toss his appeal in the trash.


  1. Jail was made for people like Bannon.

  2. And for Bannon it’s just beginning, after he goes to jail he has more court trials to face and deal with. Talk about delusional, it must be hard when he finds out the law applies to him as well as everyone else, along with its punishments. -Rj

    1. The man has always thought his bullshit was Holy, now he's going to jail, and I don't doubt there's a certain group there who'll make him feel like royalty.

  3. I love that floor. My friend had her entire upstairs flooring done like that and it's lovely!