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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Storm Damage

Well, it's Wednesday and it's raining... and I'm off - don't work today or tomorrow.
Yesterday was interesting for several reasons:  we had primary day in PA - and there was a pink / blue surge... a rather large one, which most likely dumbfounded vast numbers of the GOP - How could large numbers of voters... including a sizable number of women, vote for candidates not associated with the GOP?  No one ever said they were smart.  I'm wondering if there was any relation between the weather and the politics.
Yesterday, at 4:41 my phone buzzed.  My watch buzzed.  The store phone I was holding buzzed.  Tornado warning.  So, what did quite a few of the customers do?  Walk into the plate glass vestibules that mark are entrance and exit to watch shit blow by outside.  That's right.  Carts are careening across the parking.  Branches and chunks of wood are flying through the air, and these people decide to stand in an area that has glass to their left... glass to their right... and glass directly in front of them.  They wanted a 270 degree view of destruction.
When I got home from work I discovered the high winds had ripped a number of  branches from my trees. Storm Damage.

Those are 2 branches the winds ripped from trees on the hill and blew 40 or so odd feet.

And this one was taken from my back porch, looking towards the hill.  Halfway up, on the right hand side, you can see the top of my fence.  Somewhere underneath are my garbage and recycling cans.  Oh, and there are more branches beyond the fence - to both the left and the right.  If the rain lets up, I'm going to go out and start cutting them up.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get out chainsaw.  That means I'll get to wear my lumberjack outfit.


  1. (sings) he's a lumberjack and he's ok, he sleeps all night and he works all day!

    we did not have a tornado or much storm damage or a loss of power.

    yesterday was a great day!

    my BIL & SIL are working for that fuck wagner for next gov. FUCK DAT SHIT! ain't nothing wrong with wolf!

  2. Dug out the garbage & Recycling cans... in the rain.

  3. We had two big storms last night but nothing or no damage. What are you complaining about...I thought you liked playing with long pieces of wood?